13 in x 13 in x 13 in
Silk velvet, dye, pigment, used up drumsticks, earring hooks, wood

A funky drummer. A set of broken drumsticks shows evidence of wear and is retired to a trophy in a wood base, draped in velvet that has been burned out, dyed, and painted. and held up by earring hooks.

Kemet Camp, Sag Harbor
50 in x 25 in
Silk velvet, dye, pigment, metal plate, tacks, seashells from Sag Harbor in mini ziploc bags

Egyptian religion camp. Two layers of silk velvet are burned out with a pattern, dyed, painted, and are hung on the wall with upholstery tacks. In between the two layers are seashells and a reflective metal plate which is hung at viewer’s approximate face height. Burn marks and layers of color are apparent on the iridescent velvet surface.

Get paid off of all of that
6 glass "love rose" crack pipes, Detroit postcard, silk velvet, Macy's Mall at Short Hills cosmetics and jewelry blueprint

Two silk panels are devoured by patterns made from mall floor plan blueprints. One is dyed pink; one is dyed purple. The purple panel is laid on the floor, while the pink panel is stabbed with crack pipes which attach it to the wall. A purple hazed Detroit postcard hangs next to the pink wall hanging.

A version of this was shown in "Shrink It Pink It" at Cathouse Funeral in Brooklyn, 2014.

Watch "Sweet Grace" on YouTube
Bishop Charles Manuel "Sweet Daddy" Grace was James Brown's childhood idol and the original charismatic prosperity preacher. This performance was a silent slow strut through the hamlet of Wassaic, New York dedicated to Daddy Grace's spirit- his fortitude, focus, and ingenuity in the name of a religious body that welcomed all people. This performance was an apparition of Grace, an homage and a small contribution to a new way of seeing this historical figure and his emulators.

Before the performance, ushers handed out custom church fan programs.

photo: Breanne Trammell

performance photos credit: Paul Council, Jr.
The Potato Grader
17 acrylic screenprints and potato prints on paper prints in screenprinted burlap bag, edition of 10

Oral history meets historical fantasy in a series of images around the family history in the potato graders of the Hamptons. As a child, I thought my grandmother's job at potato grader job was a cotton club-esque gig, but I learned later in life, after my own factory experience, that she had been sorting potatoes all those years.

2000 acrylic fake fingernails, nail polish, rhinestones, metal, wood
60" x 40" x 22"

Sculpture made from 2000 artist-made replica acrylic fingernails in the shape of an ascending 200m running course. Fingernails were individually hand painted after the manicure that Florence Griffith-Joyner wore during the 1988 Olympics, when she set the 200 m world record. Sculpture is 200m track at 1:100 scale.

Flo Jo World Record Nails Manicure Boxed Set - edition of 10
acrylic fake fingernails, paper
Own a set of the manicure that Florence Griffith-Joyner wore during the 1988 Olympics, when she set the 200 m world record. Fingernails are hand-painted in artist-designed package.

Work in progress in studio at The Wassaic Project

reference image of Flo Jo's nails (Getty Images, 1988)
Babs Style Icon: part of Retribution, this ongoing torture/love project.
A blog. Of my mom, Babs.

photo documentation, presented digitally and printed on silk satin
Retribution is an ongoing series of documentation of daughter-on-mother torture/love.

(Initial Stimulus Exposure and Preparation -Torture)

Retribution (Aversion Therapy Garden Installation)
hair woven in planter baskets,
14' tall, 10-minute video loop, three simultaneous 12-minute sound loops, inkjet prints on silk charmeuse
A stop motion video of force-fed hair is projected onto the surface of an opened umbrella. Recorded conversations about two women's experience with 'resistant' hair fill the space under the umbrella as they play from hanging hair baskets.

Acrylic false fingernails, nail polish, styrofoam
42" x 32" x 13"

A larger-than-life size bust of Ho Chi Minh layered in acrylic fingernails represents the history around labor movements and the Vietnamese-American salon industry.

Blaxidermy Nail Ball / Miss Africa, Hot Blooded
Miss Africa acrylic false fingernails, LA Colors nail polish
15 in diameter

Fake fingernails from Hong Kong, Vietnam, United States, and Korea are layered on a sphere and coated in LA Colors nail polish, considering the extravagance of beauty products and the migrations of industry & workers. Shown in Balls: Reordering Black Maleness, Obsidian Art, Minneapolis, 2010

Blaxidermy Nail Ball / Lil Disco
Acrylic false fingernails, NYC Colors nail polish, plastic
7 in diameter

BLAXIDERMY Beauty Supply Nail Sconces
Fingernail extensions, plastic fingers, wood plaques, acrylic, nail polish, sculpted acrylic powder
7 in x 5 in x 3 in each

While African-American women spend 80% more than the rest of the US population on beauty products, Black-owned beauty supply stores and nail salons are nearly impossible to find. The Blaxidermy Beauty Supply project questions our investment in these products and the system, while exploring the impact of repeated beauty processes on women's physical, cultural, and economic well-being.

Shown in Mahogany Dew II at Southampton Historical Museum, 2010

Pompadour Boombox
Mannequin head, taxidermy plaque, human hair, rollers, hair pins, speakers, CD player, doorbell
20 in x 14 in x 14 in

A mounted head sound sculpture that is activated by the gold button. When turned on, it plays song and voice clips from interviews with Godfather of Soul James Brown and Reverend Al Sharpton, reflecting on their relationship and style.
2nd edition
Custom printed silk satin scarves, velvet, inkjet print

A merchandised display of original handcuff-printed silk scarves reveals a noose and questions the notion of consuming and producing luxury items.

As installed in Unchained Legacies (curator: Lisa Corrin) at Williams College Museum of Art, 2008. Also exhibited in Mahogany Dew II (curator: Brenda Simmons) at Southampton Historical Museum in 2011.

Napkin for ____ after gastric bypass
edition of 4 Inkjet prints on silk
5 in x 9 in

Fried chicken pattern on a silk satin scarf serves as a memento of his former eating habits.

McDonald's fry boxes, paper, poly bags

Production of 120 corsets made from McDonald's fry boxes during an 8-hour performance installation. Series includes a variety of 'Special Editions' including Monopoly Game, Batman movie, and NBA Legends. They range in size from Small to Large (McDonald's had just removed "Super Size from the menu).

Performed as one of many “mini-factories” in Art-Work at The Brown Center, MICA, Baltimore.